At no point to we try to solicit or harvest personal details from our users. We do not have the means nor the desire to find out who you are or anything else about you, which is neither any of our business or of any interest to us.

We do not store user information on our site, there is no risk of us ever losing any of your information as we do not collect it to being with.

What we do use are third party analytics tools which log visitors actions on our site. This allows us to understand how the site is used and make improvements to it. None of this information identifies you as an individual. The kind of information we gather is:

  • Which site you came from (if you followed a link from Google or another website we see the name of that website)
  • IP Address of the machine accessing (usually belongs to an internet service provider)
  • Location (town or city)
  • Time spent on site
  • Number of pages viewed
  • Entry page (the page you arrived on)
  • Exit page (the page you left through)

All of this information is standard on almost every website you visit.

If you are concerned about the gathering of locational information, remember this is only accurate to a town or region. Your IP address will be that of your Internet Service Provider, not your PC specifically. Typically IP addresses are recycled periodically, if you turn off your PC / Router and re-connect at a different time you will usually acquire a different IP address, and your old IP address will at some point be re-assigned to another of your Internet Service Providers customers.

We re-iterate, all the data we collect is anonymous and only used to improve our website.

Data Retention

The specific information mentioned above is retained only for a few weeks after which it is permanently deleted.

Cookie Usage

Our website does not require the use of cookies. If you are concerned about cookie use then you can disable them in your browser settings. Cookies are used to store information about a users "visit" to a given web page, remembering actions you may have performed such as adding items to to a basket. Cookies are simply a text file held on your PC to remember certain snippets of information. You can clear cookies at any time by clearing your internet history or deleting specific cookies from certain websites.

As with our statistics gathering, our use of cookies is no different to 99% of other websites you will visit.

Third Party Ad Tracking

We do not display third party advertisements which use remote cookies to track your movements between different websites. Thus, after visiting our website you will not see annoying adverts for mobile phones following you around the internet! If you do see those kinds of advertisements you did not pick them up here!

Click Tracking

Outbound clicks via our search tools direct users to the destination site using a tracking code. Again, this does not contain any personally identifiable information. This data is used on third party sites to track where users came from. If you subsequently order a service from one of these sites then they are able to see which site referred you and will pay a small commission to that site (our site) in return for the referral. This will not make any difference to the price you pay on that site. Using our service is completely free. Our aim is to save you money, not add to your costs!